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Decision to Intubate – Deep Dive

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The master class videos get you warmed up, in the deep dives we explore the topic in more depth: providing interactive, bundled content from PAC faculty and curated materials from around the FOAMed universe. Podcasts, videos, blog posts, tweets, insta posts, reference materials, and other resources that we think will add to your understanding all live here. Our goal is to provide an eclectic and in depth review to help you give better care at the bedside.

Timing. It’s that soft skill that separates the expert from the novice. In emergency airway care the decision to intubate is one of those skills. To get good at it takes practice and experience, but you can get better at it if you ask yourself these three questions for every patient in whom you are considering intubation.

Jonathan St George MD – Creator of the Protected Airway

Technique + Timing = Mastery

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