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The Contaminated Cardiac Airway – Time for SALAD



Listen Here


In this space you will find video covering the basic SALAD technique. Watch the videos, and when you’re ready head over to the guided practice stations for hands on training.

The Digital Learning Space


To use this learning space as an online course, scroll down and enter. Explore each section below, or use the navigation tool here to go directly to the content you’re interested in. Then, learn how to use the same course in the physical space for hands-on training in the real world.

A Real CaseProcedure Video
Guided PracticeSALAD
Next StepsMore SALAD
Learn from a real case

Watch this reaction video and experience the difficult environment of intubation during cardiac arrest with active airway contamination. Let’s learn the dos and don’ts of intubation in this situation, and start getting familiar with the practice-changing SALAD technique developed by Dr Jim DuCanto.

Procedure Video

DECONTAMINATION with a Supraglottic Airway

A contaminated airway doesn’t mean you can’t use a supraglottic airway device (SAD) during a cardiac arrest. Learn how to combine decontamination skills with SAD placement.

Procedure Video

sad placement during cardiac arrest

Real time too slow for you? This high speed selection will jog your memory, give you the highlights, and prime you for what comes next. ⏩ in 90 seconds.

The Physical Learning Space

Guided Practice

HANDS-ON training

Remember, if you’re in one of our pop-up learning spaces or a PAC Live event, find this icon and use the multimedia tools for hands-on guided practice.

  1. Look for this icon.
  2. Snap the QR code.
  3. Begin your hands-on practice.
  4. Get feedback on your skills.

Don’t forget to ask our faculty coaches for real-time expert feedback and earn points!

Earn Points

  1. Open the guide to a tab on your browser.
  2. Visit each poster & review the content.
  3. Complete any challenges to earn points.

You’ve Reached the End

before you leave REMEMBER TO
  1. Collect all available points within this space in the user guide.
  2. Submit your user guide to earn credit for your work.
  3. Choose the next learning space to explore!

Well done! You’ve reached the end. Feel free to go back into the physical space to review any hands-on skills or visit all the digital content anytime, anywhere in its online home here.

What’s Next

Congratulations on completing this learning space! You could stop here, but why would you want to? Visit more Situationally Difficult Airway (SDA) learning spaces and add another bundle of concepts, tools, and skills to your airway toolbox 🧰

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