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NextGen Tube Introducers

What you’ll find here

  • Introduction to nextgen articulating tube introducers
  • Self-practice and in person skills training
  • Discussion of the two curve theory
  • Curated FOAMed

The evolution of the tube introducer continues. In this space we highlight the Through the Cords – total control introducer created by @RunnelsSean. A bougie built for the age of VL, this nextgen tube introducer is a game changer. (Oh and there is no conflict of interest, we just love this device).

Rapid Review to Dive Deep 🤿

This space is organized to bring you the most rapid and essential knowledge first. After that, go ahead and customize your learning by exploring what’s important to you in the content below. Look for the ✋emoji for learning that has an associated hands on component for in person learners.

Rapid Review Video
tci – complete video

🤔 Self-Practice Visualization Audio Guide

Guided visualization is a valuable training tool. Use this audio to walk yourself through the steps of using a TCI for intubation until it you can do it on your own without the audio.

tci – Microskills

It’s the little details that matter, Review this collection of microskill GIFs so that you can perform this procedure flawlessly. Even better, grab a bougie, tube & syringe and follow along to encode those tactile skills into your long-term memory 🧠 ✋.

Get triggered! A gentle squeeze of the trigger on the TCI device allows for precise control of the angle of the tip of the device.

Once the introducer is in place release the handle by pushing forward with your thumb to release.

foamed – Expert resources

When it comes to the TCI why not go to the source! Check out all the great online training resources created by Sean Runnels MD the creator of the TCI on his website. Follow him on Twitter @RunnelsSean

TCI video one
Watch 34 sec
tci – handle release & reload
tci – handle removal
tci – lubrication
tci – use with video laryngoscope
Cognitive Tools & Rapid Resources

When you’re on shift sometimes you need a quick refresher on a procedure, a checklist, or guideline or other cognitive tool to help. In this section we provide you some of those resources in an easily accessible and designed with rapid access. Not too much, just what you need when you really need it. Just snap the QR code or click the link to get it on your mobile device


For in person learners, locate any of the posters below within the installation to continue your training. Then snap the QR codes embedded within them to access the learning space. Look for the ✋emoji for integrated hands on training opportunities.

Online learning only

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