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NextGen Tube Introducers



The evolution of the tube introducer continues. In this space we highlight an articulating device: the Total Control Introducer. Creators like @RunnelsSean are looking at the needs of todays clinicians from a global perspective.

This nextgen “bougie” is built to work effectively with DL but also integrate more effectively with the video laryngoscope. Its articulating distal tip can improve tracheal access, and unlike traditional bougies, it plays well with HAVL.

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This space is organized from rapid review to deep dive; bringing you the most essential knowledge first. Getting started is as simple as scrolling down. You can also customize your learning and go directly to a topic by clicking on any link in the navigation tool below.👇

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Rapid Review

Real time too slow for you? This high speed selection will jog your memory, give you the highlights, and prime you for what comes next. ⏩

complete video

Now slow it down and get into all the essential details required to use this airway device by watching the full version of the video.

Clinical Demonstration

Watch this clinical demonstration of the TCI in action in the operating room by PAC faculty Rohan Panchamia MD.


Hands on learning is integrated into our design allowing you to move seamlessly between the digital and physical space. 

Find this tabletop card for guided practice at your own pace, in a judgement free zone, and then take advantage of remote and in person expert coaches at our live events.

tci – Microskills

It’s the little details that matter, Review this collection of microskill GIFs so that you can perform this procedure flawlessly. Even better, grab a bougie, tube & syringe and follow along to encode those tactile skills into your long-term memory 🧠 ✋.

Get triggered! A gentle squeeze of the trigger on the TCI device allows for precise control of the angle of the tip of the device.

Once the introducer is in place release the handle by pushing forward with your thumb to release.

Expert resources

When it comes to the TCI why not go to the source! Check out all the great online training resources created by Sean Runnels MD the creator of the TCI on his website. Follow him on Twitter @RunnelsSean

TCI video one
Watch 34 sec
tci – handle release & reload
tci – handle removal
tci – lubrication
tci – use with video laryngoscope

Sure you could stop here, but why would you? If you’re in the physical learning space: 1. Locate any of the posters below to continue. 2. Look for integrated hands-on training opportunities using guided audio and videos to enhance your practice. 🎧👇3. Visit faculty coaches to get feedback on your technique. If you’re online, head back to the complete digital learning space using the link below.

Online learning only

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