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Welcome! It doesn’t matter if you’re taking our online Masterclass or standing in one of our immersive, interactive and self-directed Learning Installations we bring you the same bundle of essential concepts, skills and tools designed to elevate your emergency airway practice.

  • Explore the content on this page.
  • It is organized from core knowledge to deep dive so you can prioritize your time.
  • When you’re done you can return to the Masterclass using the link button below.
  • To find the next poster in this series snap the QR code at the bottom of any poster.
  • Enjoy. 😊

Start here – From core content to deep dive

Each page is organized with the core knowledge and essential take home points placed first. The further down the page you go, the deeper you dive into the topic. We timestamp each of them so that you can budget your time effectively.

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