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PAC LIVE!! Online Broadcasts

Expanding the Virtual Space

For Better Learning

learning delivery systems designed for the next generation

How far can you go with online and remote learning? How can we merge digital and physical space to meet the needs of frontline healthcare providers, enhance knowledge translation, and meet the challenges of learning delivery in our time? These are just some of what goes into the design thinking of PAC.

PAC LIVE!! continues to expand the possibilities for airway training: seeking out new ways to merge the digital and physical space so we can transform the learning experience. Our live broadcasts bring you important discussions, guest interviews, and live demonstrations with Q&A right to you. Integrated with our Master Class topics and PAC Connect, we can connect learners in multiple training centers with our PAC faculty for hands on training that meets learners where they live.

What’s Happening On PAC LIVE!!
  2. Expert Discussions with Q&A
  3. Special Guest Interviews
  4. Skills Demonstration Events
  5. Remote Simulation Training
  6. Connect Live!! For Hands On Training

Meet the Experts, Join the Conversation, Connect to our virtual training lab,

We’re partnering with leaders in telemedicine, at the Center for Virtual Care, to develop innovative new tools that provide safe, efficient, realistic, and effective medical education built for today’s learning environment. Like our installations we’ve applied design thinking to transcend the limits of online learning: expanding our use of the virtual space to enhance your clinical performance in the real world.

Want to learn more?

Developing new learning delivery platforms for the next generation of learners. PAC LIVE!! is just one part of an integrated approach to curriculum development that performs in the real world and meets learners where they live. Once you’re done with our live streaming events, and our virtual training lab, it’s time to come to one of our person events that is guaranteed explode your concept of the traditional conference.