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About Guided Practice

Hands On Training Anytime, Anywhere. Imagine the Possibilities…

Every theme-based learning space is designed to be immersive, interactive, and self-directed. As you explore all the concepts, clinical pearls, and cognitive tools within the space, you will also notice opportunities for guided self-practice. Guided self-practice resources are a unique design feature of PAC that seamlessly integrates the hands on training of airway procedures, with all of their related concepts inside a single learning space.

This design is intended to create a self-paced, judgement free zone of learning opportunities, anytime, anywhere. Enter any learning space, visit key hands on stations to practice procedures skills. Take all the time you need, come back as many times as you like. You can work alone or problem solve with a partner. When you’re ready, engage one of your faculty coaches to give you expert feedback before diving back in. This is your learning space and your time. You are free to use it in the way that works for you. Imagine that.

Here’s How it Works



Visit any interactive poster in one of our theme based learning spaces. Rapidly absorb the infographics, and then explore all the integrated digital content including: critical concepts, clinical pearls, procedure skills, and more in an immersive multimedia format.



Look for the guided practice signs associated with specific posters located at key training stations. These will allow you to access all the available guided practice tutorials. Several types of resources are available including video and audio tools based on your needs.



Use the equipment at the stations and the guided practice tools for hands on training opportunities. It’s like having an expert coach talking you through the procedure in a self-guided judgement free zone.



After completing you guided self-practice, engage our faculty coaches. Your guided self-practice will now pay dividends by allowing the coaches to give you higher level feedback customized to your needs.


iterative training cycle

The PAC design allows for rapid cycling to enhance mastery of key skills. When you’re done with a faculty coach, you can go back to any of the self-guided learning tools and continue your practice. Then revisit any coaching station. Do this as many times as you want until you’re happy with your skill level.


build your own

Guided self-practice resources can be recreated anywhere. Find a pop-up space at your institution, print up a poster, use the equipment list provided, and now the learning can come to you. Request our faculty to join you remotely, and now you get the same high quality training and expert coaching in the same format as our live events. Pretty cool.