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FOI & the Exchange Catheter


Audio intro here
what you’ll find here
  • Training in use of an exchange catheter

This space is organized from rapid review to deep dive, and getting started is as simple as scrolling down. Use the links below to go directly to content👇

Rapid ReviewFull Video
Guided AudioFOAMed
Next StepsMasterclass
Rapid Review

Real time too slow for you? This high speed selection will jog your memory, give you the highlights, and prime you for what comes next. ⏩

Dive Deep – full video

Take some time to dig into the details and watch this full procedure video on how to handle this device.

Dive Deeper – microskills & gestures

Watch any expert closely and you will see that it’s the little details that matter, those subtle gestures that separate the amateur from the pro. Go ahead and review this collection of microskills & gestures then pick up the device to encode those tactile skills into your long-term memory at one of integrated in person learning installations.

To Be Determined

To Be Determined

Troubleshooting Tips

When you get into trouble you need a real-time set of rapid troubleshooting techniques to address the problem. We compile them all for you here.

Visualization & guided audio

Guided visualization is a valuable training tool. Use the audio here to learn the steps of this procedure until it you can see it clearly in your mind. If you’re in one of our pop-up learning installations, you can use it to help guide you through the procedure ✋


For in person learners, locate any of the posters below within the installation to continue your training. Then snap the QR codes embedded within them to access the learning space. Look for the ✋emoji for integrated hands on training opportunities.