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Our enhanced digital content allows you to learn in multiple ways. Use the digital space here as an online course for learning anytime, anywhere. Then, let the same enhanced digital content guide you through our uniquely immersive, interactive physical spaces for hands-on procedure training, skills challenges, expert coaching, and high-fidelity simulations. Welcome to next-generation training designed to elevate your airway practice.

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Each space has multiple learning opportunities that integrate digital and physical space. You can start online, then attend a PAC live event or visit a PAC pop-up to add hands-on guided practice, skills challenges, expert faculty coaching, and high-fidelity simulations to your training. For each of these activities, you can earn points toward PAC certification. Open the guide below, complete the activities related to each poster, and then submit your guide. When you’ve earned enough points, we’ll send you your certificate!


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Learning Objectives


This learning space on tube introducers covers all the critical concepts, skills, and gestures you need to deploy these tools in an emergency, along with a bit of context and history. Our experts will discuss how and when to use them in real-world care and teach you the tricks of the trade they rely on in their practice. When you’re done, you can take your new skills confidently to the bedside.

Origins of the Bougie

a brief history

Where did the bougie come from? How didi it get its name? These area few of the questions we answer here. The story is quite interesting!

Where It All Began

Original Article

Ever since Dr. R. R. Macintosh used a gum-elastic bougie catheter to assist in the placement of an endotracheal tube the world of airway management has never been the same.

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  1. Open the guide to a tab on your browser.
  2. Visit each poster & review the content.
  3. Complete any challenges to earn points.

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When you’re ready, it’s time to head to the next poster shown here to continue the journey through this space.

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If you can’t be with us in person, you can still use this enhanced digital content as an online course. Visit the digital home page of this learning space by using the link below. Otherwise, head to the next poster above to continue through the physical learning space.