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The Evolution the Tube Introducer


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IntroductionBrief History
Original PublicationTools of the Trade
Not All EqualNext Steps
The origins of the bougie and beyond

This learning space on tube introducers covers all the critical concepts, skills and gestures you need to deploy these tools in an emergency, along with a little bit of context and history. Our experts will discuss how and when to use them in real-world care, and teach you the tricks of the trade they rely on in their practice. When you’re done, you’ll be able to take your new skills confidently to the bedside.

a brief history

Where did the bougie come from? How didi it get its name? These area few of the questions we answer here.

Original Article

Ever since Dr. R. R. Macintosh used a gum-elastic bougie catheter to assist in the placement of an endotracheal tube the world of airway management has never been the same.

tube introducers are more than just bougies

Expand your thinking on these devices, with these videos we take you on a tour of the wide variety of tube introducers in all their various shapes and sizes..If you’re with us in person snap on the QR code of each device and then take the device for a spin. 🤚

Standard BougieThe Aintree Catheter
Pocket BougieFrova Introducer
Sharn BougieTotal Control Introducer
We have no financial interest in any of these products
Not all introducers are created equal

Some of the characteristics that make tube introducers great are the semi-rigid materials and the ability to manipulate the tip. While many products looks similar they are not all interchangeable. Learn why here.


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