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Is It Still Okay to Be Bougie?

what you’ll find here

  • An overview of the bougie
  • Clinical scenarios for their use
rapid review – Clinical Uses for Tube Introducers

Why are tube introducers still a thing?

Do you even need to learn about tube introducers in the age of VL? I thought they were a relic of the DL age. Well, not so fast. Let’s talk about design and break down the reasons these devices still matter.

Curated FOAMed & Education Network Building 1

foam resource

@JohnCSakles is one of our favorite FOAMed airway educators. He is in our extended learning network. Take a moment and put him in yours. You’ll be glad you did 📚

Curated FOAMed & Education Network Building 2

Click Image to go to Link: ☝️🔗
foam resource

Review of the Driver Study for some potentially practice changing evidence. @srrezaie of REBELEM is another great addition to your learning network


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