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Build Your Own Fiberoptic Learning Space

a nextgen learning style designed to elevate your airway practice
Hands on learning anywhere anytime

The masterclass is just the beginning. Each digital space is designed to be the backbone of a complete learning delivery system that provides hands on learning when and where it’s needed.

Turn any empty space into a learning space. Getting started is as easy as scrolling down. 👇


print your posters

Start by choosing your posters from the list below. Please use the JPEG images or the available PDF downloads on this page depending on your printer. DO NOT use the images used elsewhere within the learning spaces on this site. They are not always up to date and often have QR codes that go to other embedded “Easter Egg” content so are not recommended for download.


gather your equipment

Gather your equipment using the supply list below to put your learning space together. Each station has an individual supply list as well as options for individual or connected station set up.


set up your learning space

Choose your space to set up. These spaces are designed to work well in almost any pop-up space. We include a general floor plan layout..

Equipment List

Station #1 – FOI BasicsStation #2 – FOI ProcedureStation #3 – Topicalization
Fiberoptic deviceAirway mannequin trainerNebulizer
BronchoscopeFiberoptic DeviceAtomizer (MAD)
BronchoscopeOral Airway
Williams Oral Airway4% Lidocaine (liquid)
Lubrication5% Lidocaine paste
Station #4 – FOI RescueStation #5 – FOI Challenge
Fiberoptic deviceAirway mannequin trainers
BronchoscopeTongue depressors
Endotracheal tubesAtomizer
Williams oral airwayOral
iGel or other intubating LMA
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