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Classic Bougie Style

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The classic bougie technique uses the bougie by itself to access the trachea and subsequently “railroad” the tube over the device. While it can be done by a single operator, the procedure works most efficiently when an assistant is available.

Rapid Review

Real time too slow for you? This high speed selection will jog your memory, give you the highlights, and prime R for what comes next. ⏩

Procedure Video

Take some time to dig into the details and watch this full procedure video on the classic bougie technique. If you don’t have a partner it can be done solo but works great with two!

The Assistant Role

The choreography of bougie-assisted intubation requires that you be in sync with the intubator. Watch this to ensure you know the basic responsibilities and timing of your role.


Watch any expert closely and you will see that it’s the little details that matter, those subtle gestures that separate the amateur from the pro. Go ahead and review this collection of microskills & gestures for the assisted bougie so that you can perform this procedure flawlessly. Even better, grab a bougie, tube & syringe and follow along to encode those tactile skills into your long-term memory at home or at one of our coaching stations

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what’s YOUR HANG-UP?

In bougie speak, “hang-up” often refers to issues that occur with tube delivery, but before that, the bougie itself can often get “hung-up” on anatomic structures as it travels from hypo-pharynx to distal trachea. Here’s a quick guide on the most common spots where this can occur and what to do about it base on the location.

supercharge your rotation

Rotating the bougie can help you get that coude tip off the tracheal rings, but what is the best technique?

THe bedside bend

What do you do when you need more bend in the bougie at the moment of intubation but your hands are full? Here’s a neat trick for you.

Curated MedEd

Dive Deeper

We curate some of the best online resources so you can dive deeper into this topic and build your learning network. Follow some of these great educators for great learning. We do!!

This video was created 12 years ago and remains a classic. No bougie learning would be complete without it. We recommend watching all of John’s videos.

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