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3D Printing Comes to the Video Laryngoscope

create your own affordable VL training tools

At our last in person PAC event, we were fortunate enough to have Bryan Archpru of AirAngelBlade come to join us. Everyone was blown away by his work creating low cost video laryngoscopes using 3D printing and easy to obtain off the shelf technology. His vision to create a low cost training device that can also be “used as a life saving airway management tool in third world countries” is a impressive. While he freely admits, medical grade airway devices are always preferable, sometimes they’re a luxury and not obtainable. When it comes to training, their price also limits their widespread availability.

We love the potential for these 3D printed devices to make VL training more accessible for learners. They’re easy to put together, and their “plug and play” design works well within the immersive, interactive, and self-directed learning spaces we developed at PAC. The ability for someone to walk up to any station and plug a low cost laryngoscope blade into their own mobile device makes them a game changer in the world of airway education.

We printed our first blade in our MedEDge lab using our new printer, then we put it together and tested it out in the video below. In the coming months we’ll continue to test and deploy them in our learning spaces and we plan on keeping you updated on our progress – providing insights, suggestions, and resources for you here.


Want to create your own low cost video laryngoscopes using the same resources? Here is what we used. We will provide regular updates and materials here as we get them.

Air Angel Blade Website

Prusa i3 MK3S+ 3D Printer

NIDAGE Wireless Endoscope 5.5MM Wi-Fi Camera $29.99