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Predicting Difficulty

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So how good are we at predicting a difficult airway? Find out here.

More bad news

Even if we could use some of our prediction tools like LEMON they often do not translate well in settings outside of elective OR procedures where they were designed to be used.

850 intubations over 37 months. 838 patients underwent RSI. 3 failed intubations. 452 (53%) could not follow simple commands. 370 (44%) were C-spine immobilized. RESULTS = only 32% of ED patients could be assessed by LEMON criteria. Levitan, et al, Ann Emer Med, 2004.

Congratulations on completing this learning space! You could stop here, but why would you want to? Look for more Anatomically Difficult Airway (ADA) learning spaces and add another bundle of concepts, tools, and skills your airway tool box 🧰

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