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PAC Podcast – Dynamic Tracheal Access

A nextgen audio space designed to elevate your airway practice

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Listen to our interview with Dr Sean Runnels: physician, educator, inventor and creator of a device designed to improve tracheal access in the era of the video laryngoscope. His work gives him a unique insight into the current challenges in airway management. This podcast is guaranteed to change the way you think about the video laryngoscope.

Sean Runnels MD – Anesthesiologist, educator and inventor of Through the Cords – Total Control Introducer

Jonathan St George MD: an Emergency Physician, Creator & Director of the Protected Airway Collaborative

Neither the Protected Airway Collaborative nor any person or entity connected with PAC has any conflicts of interest or financial disclosures with Through the Cords or the maker of the Total Control Introducer.

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