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Welcome. We merge digital and physical space in new ways, so whether your experiencing this as one of our immersive, interactive and self-directed in person learning installations or as one of our online masterclasses, you can have access to all the same great content.

Inside a Learning installation

If you’re inside one of our learning installations, simply snap the QR codes on the posters in front of you to access the interactive content. The in person installations have the added benefit of our hands on training labs, coaching stations and simulation challenges integrated within the within space for additional learning (as well as a few embedded easter eggs that are only on the posters).

1. explore the learning space at your own pace by clicking on the qr code(s) within in any poster
2. all content in a specific space is organized from essential to deep dive. Hit the essentials or dig in on a topic
3. Choose your own path – There’s a sequence but it isn’t required. all learning is self-directed. You Choose what and how you want to learn
4. Visit the hands on skills stations to practice your techniques
5. Next get feedback from our coaches to perfect your skills
6. Finally test your skills. Each space has a challenge embedded within it to allow you to put your new knowledge and skills to the test

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