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What is a Learning Space?

nextgen learning designed to elevate your airway practice

PAC Learning Spaces are designed to create a more flexible, more resilient learning delivery ecosystem focused on how we learn. One that uses design thinking to merge digital and physical space in new ways to meet learners where they live. Their immersive, interactive design makes them affordable, scalable, reproducible, and easily deployed; without the limitations of current methodologies on staffing, location, timing, availability, or distance. 

Every theme-based learning space on our website uses our unique graphic poster design and guided audio to transform physical spaces into museum-style immersive and interactive learning. Each is packed with core concepts, evidence-based practice guidelines, cognitive tools, personal stories, procedure videos, and more.

This is connected to ample opportunities for hands-on self-guided practice and expert coaching—even the chance for integrated simulations for team-based active learning.

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