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Welcome!! Your PAC Live Event Is Starting Soon



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The Transition to Residency Airway Event

Important information Please read the entire page

We are looking forward to hosting you at one of our live in person events! Review the important information on this page to get the most out of the experience.

NEXTGEN Learning spaces designed to elevate your airway practice

Every PAC learning space is expertly crafted by a collaborative team of creative artists and airway experts. We merge digital and physical space in new ways to bring you a next generation training style designed to seamlessly integrate online, remote, and in person opportunities into one immersive, interactive and self-directed experience. One that meets learners where they live, and provides them with more resilient, more accessible, more compelling airway training for todays education environment. Our design allows you to access all of the course content before, during and after an in person session. It’s learning when and where you want..

Enjoy 😊

get started by Mapping Your own Journey

Learning spaces are self-directed. In preparation for your upcoming event, find the right learning space on page below, then use the masterclass  space as a supercharged flipped classroom. Review the content before visiting one of our immersive installations in person so you can map your journey through the space.

Make sure you bring

  1. Headphones
  2. Mobile Device
  3. Charger

All the interactive spaces at PAC use digital content you can access yourself on your own device. Please don’t forget to bring these essentials ☺️

We look forward to seeing you in person soon!!

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