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Tracheostomy Breathing Emergency

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Rapid ReviewFull Video

1. Rapid Review

Key Steps in a Trach Emergency

The most common airway emergency for tracheostomy patients is obstruction. Your goal is to relieve that obstruction and thus resolve the problem. To do this you will need to understand the device, and the steps you need to take for identifying and relieving any obstruction.

Real time too slow for you? Need to accelerate your learning? Grab this quick bolus of essential trach knowledge before diving deeper into the topic with this interactive learning space.

2. Full Video – Obstruction

What to do for a Patient With An Obstructed Trach

Tracheostomy patients in respiratory distress most commonly have an obstruction of their device. Knowing what to do and how to manage this quickly and efficiently is key. Dr Kelly Cranes dives into this in more detail in the video below 👇


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Guided Practice 1 – Audio

Guided Practice 2 – Audio

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