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The MedEDge Lab

Next generation medical education designs created by our team.

MedEDge Design Lab is committed to transforming the learning space in medical education. We’re focused on building the next generation tools for improved knowledge translation: exploring how to merge digital and physical space; seeking inspiration outside of traditional medical education sources, and collaborating across the arts, science, medical, and entrepreneurial domains. Our work leverages a diversity of tools in innovative ways to create the next generation of teaching tools that meets learners where they live, and that embodies our key design principles of learning built for humans.

Innovative medical education tools and concepts designed and tested by our MedEDge team are now available to you! As we create them, test them and deploy them we will share them with you here. Work from our team will continue to be posted in the coming months. Watch this space!

Explore the work of our creative MedEdge design team here.

3D Printing Comes to the Video Laryngoscope

create your own affordable VL training tools At our last in person PAC event, we were fortunate enough to have Bryan Archpru of AirAngelBlade come to join us. Everyone was blown away by his work creating low cost video laryngoscopes using 3D printing and easy to obtain off the shelf technology. His vision to create…

The Learning Installation

A Next Generation Training System The MedEDge Approach The learning installation explores a new frontier in medical education: the  merging of digital and physical space to create self-directed, immersive, interactive and collaborative learning experiences that meet the next generation of learners where they live. We seek design inspiration far outside of traditional medical education, and…

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