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Nextgen learning designed to elevate your airway practice

Immersive, interactive, creative

Welcome to the PAC universe of learning spaces: a series of theme-based airway training experiences crafted by a collaborative team of creative artists and airway experts working together to transform how you learn. We reach far beyond traditional teaching styles; merging digital and physical space in new ways to bring you a next generation training style designed to seamlessly integrate online, remote, and in person opportunities into one immersive, interactive and self-directed experience. One that meets you where you live, and provides you with more resilient, more accessible, more compelling airway training for today’s education environment. Enjoy 😊

We shatter the myth that making the cut is the hardest part of an emergency surgical airway. The Fearless FONA Mindset focuses on cultivating all the skills required to successfully perform a surgical airway in the real world.

Tube introducers are evolving: in this space we follow the evidence & learn that they’re not just for difficult airways, but are adapting to meet the challenges of today’s technology. Journey with us and master these devices.

Hyperangulated devices offer many advantages, but also present new challenges for those who use them. If you’ve ever wanted the full low down on best practice for HAVL then this is the learning space for you.

Nasopharyngscopy is an essential airway skill and we bring you all the tips and tricks you need for performing this procedure well in any clinical environment, with our newest faculty expert Dr Lauren Brown.


For online learning anytime, simply enter any of the learning spaces in their masterclass format here by clicking on a poster. Use them as a stand alone online course in this masterclass style, or as a flipped classroom to maximize your training program before coming to any of our integrated in person events.

Patients with inhalation injury are some of the most complex and high risk difficult airways out there. When to intubate, how to decide, what you’ll experience, what tools to use, and preparation for failure are all topics we cover here.

Learn the essential skills of FOI with Dr Ralph Slepian. What are the indications,, how should it be performed, and what role does it still have in the age of the video laryngoscope? We answer all these questions here.


We design education programs that merge digital and physical space for an enhanced learning experience. Move seamlessly between them and follow your own path.


Spend time with master educator, innovator, and creator of the SALAD technique Dr Jim DuCanto and learn a set of concepts, skills, and techniques for managing massive airway contamination. This is a game changer.

Intern year is a critical transition point in your training. You need practical skills that will help you at the bedside with a rapidly evolving airway emergency when the initial management is on you. This space is designed to help you get there.


We bring the digital space to life by recreating them in our physical space. Our interactive posters work to seamlessly integrate all the online content and guided practice tools, with expert coaching opportunities, and high fidelity simulations to bring your airway training to the next level. Come to one of our live events or create your own learning space with our pop-up design style.


Each of our original six learning spaces are theme based so that all the concepts and skills of emergency airway care can be organized into a more effective cognitive construct that will serve you well in the future as your skills and experience grow. Together they cover all of the fundamentals of emergency airway care into one immersive experience. Within these spaces you will learn skills and test them, hear powerful stories from experienced clinicians and patients, and explore narratives that will help you understand the role human factors play in our successes and our failures as clinicians. At the heart of each of these installations are stories that highlight why what we do matters – and why how we learn matters even more.

Come to one of our events or build your own learning space

Because the core digital curriculum created by our faculty experts is embedded in our interactive posters, this pop-up style learning can provide a high quality and consistent training environment anywhere you want. Learn how to create your own PAC learning space here.

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