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The Complete Learning Space on the Hyperangulated Blade

A nextgen learning space designed to elevate your airway practice

Alright, let’s talk hyperangulated blades. On the day the first camera was placed at the end of a laryngoscope, blade geometry was liberated from its requirement to facilitate a direct line of sight to the glottic opening. Hyperangulated devices leverage the full potential of VL to enhance views because they’re designed to follow and not flatten the primary curve. Their ability to look around structures like the tongue is their strength, but they also challenge the clinician who uses them to have a greater understanding of airway geometry, a comfort with, not one but two new tools, and a new set of skills to assist with tube delivery when using them. So if you’ve ever wanted the full low down on the hyperangulated blade then this is the learning space for you, and getting started is as easy as scrolling down. 👇

JOnathan St George MD – Creator of the protected airway collaborative

Emergency physician and educator. Guided in my belief that high quality airway training is the guardrail that protects our patients from harm. Full bio here.

nextgen learning designed to elevate your airway practice

We merge digital and physical space in new ways to give you all the tools required to master these essential airway skills. Move seamlessly between podcasts, online masterclasses, guided self-practice tools and live in person events. Getting started is as easy as scrolling down.👇

get started – Meet the Expert

Listen to Dr Sean Runnels talk about the cutting edge concepts designed to upgrade our mental model for the age of the video laryngoscope. Then get his take on why tracheal access is the next important frontier in intubation training.

learning online – anytime

Developed by our PAC design team, this space on dynamic tracheal access covers all the critical concepts and skills you need to deploy these tools in the clinical space.

step by step tools

Move seamlessly between our online masterclass and our pop-up learning spaces. Interactive design delivers the tools for guided self-practice so can practice your skills on your own time; at your own pace in this judgement free zone.

immersive live events

PAC Live!! explodes the traditional conference style by using our learning spaces to create a uniquely immersive, interactive and customizable learning style. Focus on the topics that matter to you, and then map your journey. Each theme-based space is filled with expert coaching, live demonstrations, training labs, simulation challenges and more.

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