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TAPSE for RV Assessment

cardiac assessment and resuscitation in the peri-intubation period


how bad & acute or chronic

POCUS can be used to quickly evaluate for RV dysfunction and potential cardiovascular collapse in the peri-intubation period. The apical 4-chamber view and TAPSE are key components of assessing the RV.

measuring tapse

Tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion or (TAPSE) has a strange name but is simple to measure. It’s done in the apical 4 chamber view using m-mode. We show you how to do it here. Is the measurement less than 1.6cm? That means poor contractility.


  1. Look for this tabletop card & snap the QR code.
  2. Begin with the self-guided resources to practice in a judgement free zone
  3. Connect with a remote coach
  4. Work with an in person coach at one of our live events.

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