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The SALAD Learning Pod

Guided Self-Practice that meets you where you live

Pop-up learning design brings you skills training in a judgement free zone

Integrated seamlessly into every learning space, are a set of self-practice tools that walk you step by step through essential skills and procedures. Our interactive posters provide the key to delivering hands on training in an easy to create pop-up style that that meets you where you live. Getting started is as easy as scrolling down 👇


  1. Enter any learning pod with poster & equipment
  2. Snap QR codes embedded within any infographic to access step by step training tools.
  3. Use headphones and mobile device, to follow the audio & video guide.


step by step tools

Combined with the online masterclass, these pop-up spaces are easy to set-up and provide hands on training opportunities at your own pace, in a judgement free zone. Rapid reviews, deeper dives, microskills, troubleshooting tips are all bundled in one accessible location.

create your own learning Space

Developed with a pop-up design style to transform any physical space into a learning space. Just download and print our interactive posters, and you will have access to all the embedded digital airway content that will guide you through all the core concepts and skills for this topic. Set them up in any space, keep them up as long as you like, and use them over and over!

Create your own learning space

Everything you need to create your own pop-up learning space for immersive, interactive and self-directed hands-on training is here for you. Set them up in any space for learners. Keep them up as long as you like, use them over and over! Just add your own equipment for hands on learning. We give you the step by step instructions below.

required items
Printed posterEasel/wall mount
Table8×11 tabletop poster
Selection of tube introducers:Bougie
FrovaPocket bougie
Aintree/CookTotal Control Introducer
Selection of tube introducers is optional and not limited to those listed here


  • Place this poster near the entrance to the pop-up space
  • Place devices on the table with 8×11 tabletop poster
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