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What you’ll find here

  • Introduction to pharyngoscopy
  • Critical concepts 💭
  • Rapid & detailed video guide
  • Gestures & microskills
  • Expert troubleshooting
  • Self-practice training tools 🤔
  • Hands on opportunities ✋
  • Curated FOAMed learning 🌐
  • Social Media & networking 📱

With Lauren Brown MD

In this learning space Dr Lauren Brown guides us through all the concepts and skills you will need to successfully integrate pharyngoscopy into your airway practice. Whether it’s the evaluation of a foreign body sensation or a search for angioedema this space merges digital and physical spaces to give you both remote and in person training opportunities.

We speed it up! Get the essentials of this procedure in under a minute. Loop it and enjoy.

Watch the full procedure in all its detail. Use the timestamps to customize your viewing.

Microskills and Gestures

Tap on the gesture or microskill you want to learn in greater detail

Listen to these expert troubleshooting tips.

Use this guided audio as a self-visualization tool: walk yourself through the steps of the procedure until you can do it on your own without the audio; then use it to assist your self-guided hands on practice.

We search the FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical Ed) universe to bring you our favorites on this topic and to help you build your learning network by vetting reliable high quality educators on social media. Check out the resources here and if you like them follow the educator(s) we highlight.

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