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PAC22 Live!! Event Details

A nextgen conference style designed to elevate your airway practice

Welcome to PAC Live!! Our in person events that merge digital and physical space to create an entirely new conference style. This is the best of both worlds: a place where our online learning spaces come to life in our immersive and interactive learning installations; where expert coaching, inspiring talks, discussion panels, personal stories, live demonstrations and our world class simulations come together for a one of kind event. To see what is happening this time go ahead and scroll down.



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We Go Live

  • When: Saturday May 14th from 9am to 5pm
  • Where: Weill Cornell Medical College
  • How: Registration Details Coming Soon
available Learning Installations
Open all day 9am-5pm

Enter any learning installation for a uniquely immersive, interactive and self-directed learning style. Open throughout the entire day of the conference, these spaces allow for complete learning freedom: explore each space any way you like, take as much time as you like, and come back as often as you like. Each installation delivers critical concepts, guided practice for procedure skills, personal stories, live demonstrations, expert faculty coaching and much much more.

Open all day 9am-5pm

Join the OxygenationLearn all the concepts skills and tools to prioritize and successfully oxygenate any patient in an airway emergencyWojciech Piechowski
Own the Head of the BedBuild confidence and develop your skillset to feel comfortable in the airway operator’s home baseJason Ausmus
The Anatomically Difficult AirwayExpected or unexpected, anatomically difficult airways require more than skill with a laryngoscope. Use this space to prepare for the unexpected, because while failure happens, a failure to plan for failure never should.Rohan Panchamia
The Contaminated AirwayHow to managing a massively contaminated airway effectively now is essential core training for those who manage difficult airways. Learn the SALAD technique and build your confidence. Jim DuCanto
The Physiologically Difficult AirwayThere’s a dangerous intersection between critically ill physiology and intubation. If you don’t want to crash and burn, you must pay attention to the number one rule of the road “resuscitate before you intubate.Sara Murphy
The Situationally Difficult AirwayCritical concepts from some of the worlds most skilled prehospital retrieval teams, face down a series of difficult airway situations, learn skills that will help you own any unfamiliar space in which you may find yourself, and develop a strategy to overcome the inevitable stress response in our one of a kind stress lab.Chris Root
The Pediatric AirwayChildren have many anatomical & physiological differences from adults. Our team covers all the concepts tools & skills you’ll need to successfully manage any pediatric airway emergency 
Maria Lame
The Fearless FONA MindsetThe Fearless FONA Mindset focuses on cultivating all the skills required to successfully perform a surgical airway in the real world.Jonathan St George
The Evolution of the Tube Introducerthey’re not just for difficult airways, but are evolving to meet the challenges of today’s technology. Journey with us to master these devices.Rohan Panchamia
The Neonatal AirwayThis unique subset of patients may be the most difficult you will ever face. Let our team of neonatal experts show you how.Susan Fraymovich
Fiberoptic Intubation for the Age of VLWant to add this skill set to your toolkit, but unsure where to start, or if it’s even relevant to your practice? We give you fiberoptic training for the real world with tools you can apply now.. Ralph Slepian
Dynamic Tracheal AccessImprove your first pass success rate and learn concepts, skills and tools that will take you into the future of more dynamic tracheal access. Sean Runnels
Live Demonstrations

Throughout faculty experts will be giving live demonstrations of key skills. Map your journey through the spaces to hit the ones you want to see. We will send notifications out to everyone 5 minutes before the start of each demonstration.

Join the Oxygenation

11, 1 & 3 Be Great at FMV – Optimizing the BVMEmilio Del Busto
Supraglottic Airway DevicesEmilio Del Busto
The Vortex Approach
Direct LaryngoscopyTrudy Cloyd
Video Laryngoscopy
The Hyperangulated BladeSt George
Tube Delivery SkillsSt George

Own the Head of the Bed

Pre-Ox Skills
Setting Up Your Equpiment
Team Communication Skills
RSI Meds
Patient Positioning

The Pediatric Airway

TimesFaculty DemonstratorFaculty
Choosing Your Meds
Setting Up Your Equipment
Pre-OX for Peds
Laryngoscopy Pearls
Face Mask Ventilation
Needle Jet Ventilation

The Anatomically Difficult Airway

The DAS Airway Algorithm
Bougie SkillsPanchamia
Fiberoptic SkillsSlepian
Exchange CatheterPanchamia
FOI through a SADSlepian

The Physiologically Difficult Airway

IO placement
Pre-Ox to the Max
Vent Settings
The High Flow Device
Ultrasound Assessment for the PDAMurphy
Hemodynamically Neutral IntubationSmith

The Situationally Difficult Airway

Massive Airway ContaminationJim DuCanto
Airway Management Outside Your Comfort ZoneChris Root
Jaw Wired Shut? No Problem
Cardiac Arrest
The Agitated Patient
PAC Talks & Expert Panels

Throughout the day guest airway experts, PAC faculty, clinicians, creators and innovators pushing the boundaries of airway training and practice will give you their insights on everything from how to overcome the human factors that impact our practice, to what the future of airway management might look like. When you’re ready to take a break from the immersive learning installations and airway simulations, sit and listen to these short TED style talks and panel discussions that are sure to inspire you.

9:00 AMJonathan St George – Welcome & Keynote15 min
10:00AMSara Murphy – Metabolic Acidosis & the Airway20 min
11:00AMJonathan St George – How to Cultivate a Fearless FONA Mindset20min
11:30AMRohan Panchamia – Stylet vs Bougie the latest evidence
12:00PMBryan Archpru – Air Angel – 3D Printed Video Laryngoscopes20min
1:00 PMJim DuCanto – Bring Back Face Mask Ventilation20min
2:00 PMRobert Finkelstein -NIV and Vent PEds Edition20min
3:00 PMBryan Archpru – Air Angel – 3D Printed Video Laryngoscopes20min
4:00 PMSecond Victim Syndrome: Jon Samuels, Manish Garg, St George, Sara Murphy30min
4:45 PMClosing Event20min
Simulation Challenges
Put your new skills into action

We collaborate with our outstanding Simulation Center and our team of SIM experts to create a series of simulation based experiences. Use the learning installations as immersive flipped classrooms: absorb key concepts, use the training labs for guided self-practice, get expert coaching and then put your new skills to the test. The best part is, when you’re done you can use the feedback from the debrief to head back into the installations with more focus revisit the skills you want to improve. Rapid cycling comes to airway training.

Join the OxygenationEnter the Vortex45 minSign-Up
Own the Head of the BedPrepare to Intubate! 45 minSign-Up
Anatomically Difficult AirwayUh oh. What Now?45 minSign-Up
Physiologically Difficult AirwayAvoiding Peri-Intubation Arrest45 minSign-Up
Situationally Difficult AirwayHey, Where’s Everyone Going?45 minSign-Up
The Pediatric AirwayThat kid’s doesn’t look right45 minSign-Up

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