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The HyperAngulated Blade

NextGen Learning Designed to Elevate Your Airway Practice

Listen to the introduction here, and then scroll down for all of the interactive content, guided practice tools, and hands on training from our experts in our uniquely immersive PAC style. πŸ‘‡

Scroll down or use the topic guide here to explore all the concepts and skills you need to successfully use the video laryngoscope with a hyperangulated blade (HAVL) in your practice.

Rapid ReviewThe Blade
Rigid StyletProcedure Video
Guided PracticeDive Deeper
Mental ModelWhat’s Next
should HAVL be your go to option?
One technique mastery

How often do you intubate? In what environment? There is a case to be made that HAVL may be the right device to choose as your go to choice. Here is a great thread by @JohnCSakles who is also another great airway educator to add to your learning network.

rapid review

Is real time to slow for you? Have some fun and accelerate through the key steps of this procedure in under a minute, and then dive into more detail by scrolling down.

The Hyperangulated Blade

Why is the hyperangulated blade valuable. Let’s spend a little time getting into some of the features of the hyperangulated blade and some important details how to use it. Learn more here>

The Rigid Stylet

An often overlooked requirement of getting good with the hyperangulated blade, is that it also requires getting comfortable with two new airway tools not one. The rigid stylet is not like regular stylets that you may be used to, and it requires learning some new skills to ensure effective tracheal access, and efficient tube delivery. Learn more here.

Intubation with HAVL

Okay, let’s go step by step through an intubation with HAVL. When you’re done here, you’ll be ready to practice on your own at one of our hands on guided practice stations.

find me for hands on skills training

Hands on learning is integrated into our design allowing you to move seamlessly between the digital and physical space. 

Find this tabletop card guided learning at your own pace, and take advantage of remote and in person expert coaches at our live events.


Extra content
You Could Stop Here But Why Would You
  1. Dive deeper into a mental model that will help with your HAVL technique.
  2. Understand the advantages and challenges of HAVL
  3. Get better acquainted with the rigid stylet and how to use it.

Don’t forget to use the digital content in this space for guided self-practice in our pop-up installations, listen to the podcast, or dive into any of the related content below. πŸ‘‡

the two curve theory

Take a few minutes to learn about this new mental model and see how a focus on defining the geometry of they airway, and not simply the anatomy will pay dividends when it comes to intubation success in the current era.

Clinical pearls

Here are a couple of great clinical pearls for use of the rigid stylet by a couple of our great PAC faculty.

Great Moments in PAC history
thumbs up – Tube Delivery

One our favorite moments from PAC20. Tube delivery, Hawaiian Style πŸ„β€β™‚οΈπŸŒˆ πŸ€™ with Jim DuCanto MD @jducanto

are you a primate?

After tube delivery you need to safely remove the stylet without bringing the tube with it! Here is a great tip by Jose Torres MD Another great add to your learning network

Congratulations on completing this learning space! You could stop here, but why would you want to? Look for more Anatomically Difficult Airway (ADA) learning spaces and add another bundle of concepts, tools, and skills your airway tool box 🧰

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