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Masterclass for the Hyperangulated Blade

An nextgen learning space designed to elevate your airway practice

We built this space to guide you through all the concepts and skills you need to successfully use the video laryngoscope with a hyperangulated blade.

Getting started is as simple as scrolling down or go directly to the content by using the links below👇

Rapid ReviewFull Video
Core ConceptThe Blade
Rigid StyletWhat’s Next
One technique mastery

With so many choices here is a great thread about which device to choose. @JohnCSakles is another great airway educator to add to your learning network.

Is real time to slow for you? Have some fun and accelerate through the key steps of this procedure in under a minute.

Intubation with HAVL

Take the time to dive deeper into the use a a hyper-angulated blade for intubation. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Improved visualization to glottis
  • Requires skills with a rigid stylet for tube delivery.

Dive Deeper

Go beyond the basic procedure skills and dive in to some of the concepts, advanced tips and expert reviews to round out your knowledge, starting with an explanation of the two curve theory below.👇

The Two Curve Theory Explained

In order to master the hyperangulated blade, spend some time understanding the concept at the heart of its design and the mental model that will help you to use it successfully.

Spend a little more time getting into some of the features of the hyperangulated blade and some important details how to use it.

Getting good with the hyperangulated blade requires getting comfortable with two new airway tools not one. The rigid stylet is not like regular stylets that you may be used to and requires some learning some new skills.

Now that you’ve reviewed the material here, it’s time to look for this tabletop card at the station here for guided self-practice.

What’s next

Sure you could stop here, but why would you? Use the digital content in this space for guided self-practice in our pop-up installations, listen to the podcast, or dive into any of the related content below. 👇

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