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Join the OxygeNATION – the Complete Learning Space

A nextgen learning space designed to elevate your airway practice

This space is about mastering the first law of emergency airway: the ability to prioritize and oxygenate your patient by any means necessary. Whether it’s a rapid response to a patient in respiratory failure or an unexpected failed airway, you need more than just skill with a laryngoscope to protect your patient from harm. You need a set of concepts, skills and tools that will help you achieve your goal when it counts. This space is designed to do just that and getting started is as easy as scrolling down. 👇

JOnathan St George MD – Creator of the protected airway collaborative

Emergency physician and educator. Guided in my belief that high quality airway training is the guardrail that protects our patients from harm. Full bio here.

nextgen learning designed to elevate your airway practice

We merge digital and physical space in new ways to give you all the tools required to master these essential airway skills. Move seamlessly between podcasts, online masterclasses, guided self-practice tools and live in person events. Getting started is as easy as scrolling down.👇

get started – Meet the Expert

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learning online – anytime

Developed by our PAC design team, this masterclass space gives you access to all the digital content from PAC on this topic for you to explore anytime, anywhere, and integrates seamlessly into our guided self-practice spaces and our live in person events.

step by step tools

Move seamlessly between our online masterclass and our pop-up learning spaces. Interactive design delivers the tools for guided self-practice so can practice your skills on your own time; at your own pace in this judgement free zone.

immersive live events

PAC Live!! explodes the traditional conference style by using our learning spaces to create a uniquely immersive, interactive and customizable learning style. Focus on the topics that matter to you, and then map your journey. Each theme-based space is filled with expert coaching, live demonstrations, training labs, simulation challenges and more.



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The Next PAC LIVE!! Event

Join us in person where we add expert coaching, training labs, live demonstrations and simulation challenges to our immersive design to bring your airway training to the next level. Please register here for our next live event.

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