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COVID19 Intubation Protocol

Learn From the Team in NYC with over 400 Safe Intubations During the Covid19 Surge


Online learning can only take you so far. Our training is designed to transcend those limits. We’re partnering with internationally renowned airway experts like doctor Ralph Slepian, and one of the leaders in telemedicine, the Center for Virtual Care, to develop innovative new tools that provide safe, efficient, realistic, and effective medical education built for today’s learning environment. Like our installations at the Protected Airway Course our medical educators have applied design thinking to merge digital and physical space in order to create better online learning and remote training.

In the Virtual Training Lab you’ll be able explore our master airway classes online at your own pace, then work with our team to hone your clinical interactions and skills to make them more effective using our new virtual training lab solutions. Welcome to the future of airway training.

There’s more to the safe intubation of a patient with suspected COVID19 than PPE. It requires, preparation. planning, team-based training and a thoughtful workflow to minimize exposure.

What are the lessons learned to date from our clinical experience with the intubation of suspected COVID19 patients in NYC? PPE is important but not the whole story. You need a protocol that offers additive layers of safety that includes: preparation, planning, team-based training, and a workflow design focused on minimizing exposure. This training module was created from our COVID19 intubation team’s experience at the peak of the outbreak in NYC and is based on the perfect safety record of its members after hundreds and hundreds of intubations of COVID10+ patients..

About the Faculty

Dr. Ralph Slepian is a Professor of Anesthesiology at Weill Cornell Medical College and an Attending Anesthesiologist with the Department of Anesthesiology at New York Presbyterian Hospital. He was the leader of the COVID19 Intubation team.

Step One: Take the Master Class with Ralph Slepian

Lesson #1
Lesson #4
Lesson #2
Lesson #5

Lesson #3
Lesson #6

Lesson Reviews

  1. The Decision to Intubate
  2. The Importance of Proper PPE Use
  3. Workflow & Team Roles
  4. Pre-Oxygenation
  5. Pre-Intubation Checklist
  6. Post-Intubation Care

Step Two: Meet With Our Experts

Step Three: Enter the Virtual Training Lab

Our expert team has designed a series of remote training simulations and exercises on this topic. We provide the training scenarios and the experts and you provide the space for you and your team to test your skills. All virtual training sessions include real-time feedback and debrief. Our virtual simulations allow you to hone your clinical interactions as well as your skills to make them more effective.

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