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In Person Events

We want what you learn to be there when you need it. Our mission is to transform the learning experience in airway training; to enhance knowledge translation where and when it counts. To achieve this, we’ve reached far beyond the traditional teaching styles: using design thinking and partnering with educators from across the arts and sciences to merge digital and physical space in new ways. Our in person events integrate seamlessly with our online Masterclasses & PAC LIVE!! events to create an immersive, interactive, and self-directed training style that is focused on meeting the next generation of learners where they live.

Jonathan St. George MD – Creator of the Protected Airway Collaborative

Learning Installations

Anatomy Lab

With Learning Installations we’ve left the traditional conference style far behind. Learning installations are an immersive, interactive, self-directed learning style that promotes the rapid translation of core knowledge and skills into patient care. We’re merging digital and physical space in exciting new ways to create next generation meded teaching tools that meets learners where they live and helps them face the challenges of learning in our current environment..

The anatomy lab at Weill Cornell Medical College provides an incredible learning space for airway training. With state of the art connectivity and institutional support, learners get the opportunity to perform literally hundreds of intubations and airway procedures on a variety of anatomic and cadaveric models. This incredible opportunity to improve your skills, is limited to small groups to ensure an abundance of hands on time and individualized coaching.

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