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FOI Guided Self- Practice

Pop-up learning spaces for skills training in a judgement free zone

step by step tools

Guided self-practice tools integrate seamlessly with the online masterclass and are designed to be used within our pop-up learning installations.

hands on learning

Interactive posters like the one here connect you directly with our step by step self-practice tools to guide you through the procedure.

Practice your skills on your own time; at your own pace, and in a judgement free zone. Microskills, troubleshooting tips and other tools are also bundled together.

guided self practice tools

If you’re in one of our pop-up learning spaces, or at one of our PAC LIVE!! events, use this section for self-guided practice. Work alone at your own pace or problem-solve with a partner in this judgement free zone.


  1. Insert headphones
  2. Place mobile device in holder
  3. Follow the prompts using the video or guided audio below


step by step

Use the prompts in this video to guide you step by step through the procedure of fiberoptic intubation.✋

Available Posters

Each theme based learning space includes a series of posters. Choose the ones you want to download, set-up the equipment and you’re ready to go.

create your own learning Space

PAC was developed with a pop-up design style to transform any physical space into a learning space. Just download and print our interactive posters, and you will have access to all the embedded digital airway content that will guide you through all the core concepts and skills for this topic. Set them up in any space, keep them up as long as you like, and use them over and over!

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