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Evolution of the Tube Introducer



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Evolution of the Tube Introducer


Important information to get the best experience

We are looking forward to hosting you at one of our live & in person events! Please take a moment to review the important information on this page to find out what you need to bring with you, and tips on how to prepare ahead of time to get the most out of the experience.

Make sure you bring

All the interactive spaces at PAC use digital content you can access yourself on your own device. Please don’t forget to bring these essentials ☺️

  1. Headphones
  2. Mobile Device
  3. Charger
How it works – building a better learning environment

Our creative design team built each learning space at PAC to be immersive, interactive and self-directed. Customize your learning, explore at your own pace, and make use of all the in-person and multimedia resources within them. Here is a quick guide on what you’ll find inside and how to use them.

The interactive poster
merging digital & physical space

No more classrooms. Each theme based installation is built around a series of uniquely interactive posters: using impactful graphics, and embedded multimedia content that allows you to explore at your own pace and customize your journey in a way that best suits your learning needs. Then, use each poster within the space as a jumping off point for a more immersive experience in the physical space.

Training labs
take it to the next level

Training labs are placed in key locations within each installation. Focused on the human factors of emergency airway they help you develop the soft skills that make the difference. The stress lab is just one of the many training labs integrated into PAC.

live demonstrations
feedback the way it’s meant to be

Each installation is an immersive “flipped classroom,” freeing both learners faculty from having to teach in a one size fits all format. Instead of talking or lecturing at groups of passive learners, coaches can give you individualized feedback based on your level of experience.

simulation challenges


High fidelity simulation, and other creative challenges such as escape the rooms are part of each installation. This component of the installation learning style allows you to solidify your new knowledge and skills by actively deploying them in a team-based environment. Debriefs by faculty help you identify areas of improvement in order to customize a path back through the installation’s content for even more focused learning. This iterative learning cycle between the digital and physical space helps to develop mastery.

get started by Mapping Your own Journey

Learning spaces are self-directed. In preparation for your upcoming event, find the right learning space on page below, then use the masterclass  space as a supercharged flipped classroom. Review the content before visiting one of our immersive installations in person so you can map your journey through the space.

We look forward to seeing you soon

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