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An Introduction to the User Guide

nextgen learning to elevate your airway practice

Instructions for Use

Every immersive and interactive learning space has a user guide to help you navigate the physical space. Once you enter a learning space, find the first poster and snap the QR code. After the introduction, you can scroll down to find the user guide like the one shown here. Open the link on your web browser to begin, and provide your name and email so we can send you your results when you’re done. Each poster and station is included in the guide to help you discover all the content in a space.

User Guide

You can keep on track and get credit for completion using this guide. Learn More

  1. Open the guide to a tab on your browser.
  2. Visit each poster & review the content.
  3. Complete any challenges to earn points.

Four Ways to Earn Points

The guides also allow you to collect points and earn credit towards completion. You can earn points in four ways as you visit each poster and station.

1. Quiz Points

self assessment

Many posters have associated quiz points on important concepts and essential airway knowledge. Once you’ve reviewed all the material at a poster station, answer any questions to earn points.

2. Unlock the Code Points

Test Your Knowledge

You can collect points within each space by completing an unlock-the-code challenge. Follow the clues to unlock the code. Once you’ve got it, enter the correct code on the user guide.

3. Demonstration Points

Expert Feedback

Expert faculty placed in key locations within an installation space adds another opportunity to earn major points. Once you’re confident with a particular skill in any space, visit an expert coach to demonstrate your technique. Once you’ve demonstrated the skill successfully, they will give you the code to unlock these points, and any expert tips they have for you.

4. Complete a Simulation

integrated simulation

Turn this learning space into an immersive flipped classroom and test your knowledge in our high-fidelity simulations with expert debriefs. Once the debrief is done, the faculty will give you the code to unlock these points and feedback on what concepts and skills you should review.

Submit Your User Guide

Once you have collected all the possible points, it’s time to submit your user guide! Review all answers to the quiz questions, and make sure you have unlocked all the codes.

Start Learning & Earning

Available PAC Learning Spaces

You have the entire universe of online immersive and interactive learning spaces here. If you’re with us in person at one of our live events, courses, or pop-up learning spaces, use the enhanced digital content for hands-on training, skills development, and expert coaching for next-generation learning designed to elevate your airway practice.

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