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Airway Management With a Cervical Collar – The Masterclass

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Welcome to the masterclass on airway management in patients with suspected cervical spine injury. Listen to the introduction here, and then getting started is as easy as scrolling down. 👇

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rapid review

Real time too slow for you? Want just the bare essentials? Watch this rapid review and then dive into all the content below and the hands on practice at this station.

Full Video 12min

Spend a little extra time reviewing what airway tools work best in suspected cervical spine injury when it come to managing the airway.


  • For this space head over to the table with all the equipment.
  • Put that cervical collar on the mannequin
  • Pick up and practice intubation with all the equipment including DL, VL, and HAVL. Don’t forget to try it with the bougie too!

Don’t forget to engage our faculty coaches for real-time expert feedback.

You could stop here but why would you? Use the link below to head back to the complete learning space and all the related content. 👇

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