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About Jonathan St. George

Jonathan St George MD – “How we learn is as important as what we learn”.

Who I am.

A physician educator and innovator. I’m the director of the Protected Airway Collaborative and the creative designer behind the methodology that drives its uniquely immersive and interactive learning style. I have 15+ years of experience developing novel learning delivery systems in medical education. I’m an assistant professor in emergency medicine at Weill Cornell with extensive clinical experience in urban, rural, academic, community, international, virtual, and disaster response medicine.

What I believe.

It’s time to build a better learning space in medical education with no social, geographic, or institutional boundaries. One where people freely share their knowledge and experience. A place dedicated to creating learning that inspires us supports us, and lives only to nourish lifelong learning as its own reward (not as another hoop to jump through at the end of a busy day). One that harnesses the collective wisdom of our daily clinical practice and brings us all closer together. One that works toward the common cause of being better, wiser, and happier caregivers. We should strive to build that world together.

What I do.

  • Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine @Weill Cornell
  • Director of the Protected Airway Collaborative
  • Faculty at the Center for Virtual Care
  • Director of the MedEDge Design Lab